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We have acquired a wide experience in the provision of outsourced consultancy services to different businesses since 1984, enabling customers to optimize their operation. We are committed to identifying and satisfying our clients’ needs in the fields of economic sciences, rendering top-quality solution services, always favoring our clients’ best interests and working in an honest, ethic and trustworthy way within an environment of cordiality and professional loyalty.


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Casal, Vecchi, Rodriguez Spuch  y Asoc. SRL is a member of MGI Worldwide, a Top 20 international accounting network of independent audit, accounting, tax, legal, and consulting firms, which brings together the expertise of almost 10,000 professionals in some 460 locations around the world. Our membership enables us to keep abreast of important new developments, while providing a seamless international service
to any of our clients looking for support abroad. Through MGI Worldwide, our firm benefits from connections with people we get to know and trust in all corners of the globe. We can help you and your operations with a quick phone call to one of our colleagues or a complete service offering – whatever you need to make your international business a success. MGI Worldwide is a quality-controlled network, and like all member firms, we are subject to review of our quality assurance systems and procedures against international standards. For more information on MGI Worldwide visit www.mgiworld.com

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ISO 9001

We have certified our Accounting Audit, Tax Consultancy, Corporate Consultancy and Employers’ Contributions Consultancy and Settlement processes under international quality standards ISO 9001:2000, being the first accounting firm to receive such quality certification in Argentina. We have thus applied a Quality Management System that, based on our clients’ needs, looks forward to meeting such needs at their complete satisfaction.

Since the very beginning of our professional firm, we have striven for continuous improvement and consider quality as a commitment and as a personal responsibility to be assumed by each of the firm members, all of which is confirmed by the quality certificationwe have been granted. We have received the quality certification from Det Norske Veritas – DNV, a prestigious international certification body established in Norway in 1864.

The Firm proud to be part of an international network of firms that is a member of the Forum of Firms. The objective of the Forum of Firms is to promote consistent and high-quality standards of financial reporting and auditing practices worldwide.

Members networks of the Forum have confirmed that they have policies and methodologies with respect to transnational audits that are based, to the extent practicable, on International Standards on Auditing and conform to the International Ethics Standards Board for Accountants’ Code of Ethics for Professional Accountants and national codes of ethics and that they maintain appropriate quality control standards in accordance with International Standards on Quality Control in addition to relevant national standards.

Members networks have also confirmed that they conduct, to the extent not prohibited by national regulation, regular globally coordinated internal quality assurance reviews.
For additional details please visit www.mgiworld.com and www.forumoffirms.or

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